Wearing it Well: Style Blogger Mahryska Gaspacho

Touted as one of the most influential fashion bloggers in the UAE, who happens to be Filipino, Mariyah “Mahryska” Gaspacho (@mahryska ) opens up about her fashion philosophy which is based on simple and very grounded values.


Mahryska in Ushi Sato

What Role Does Fashion Play In Your Daily Life?

As a style blogger, fashion plays a huge role in my daily life. From the blog, to what I wear and how I live my life – everything basically works around my love for fashion. So to me, it is very important. There is no “regular me” and a “fashionable me”. It is all in one package.

Mariyah Gaspacho Daily Wear
Mariyah Gaspacho OOTDP Lov

Wearing it Well: Style Blogger Mahryska Gaspacho

What Do You Typically Wear Daily?

I am not exactly into trends anymore. It comes with age, I guess. My wardrobe is very basic – I prefer clean, simple cuts and classic pieces that last me longer than the usual one-season hit. I do play with a few trends but my look is strictly very minimalist. My regular look is statement skirts, oversized knits and a pair of boyfriend jeans with a basic white shirt or button-down and sneakers.

Mariyah Gaspacho Daily Wear
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@mahryska fashion blogger
Photo by Princess Lovella
Mariyah Gaspacho Daily Wear
Photo by Princess Lovella

What’s Your Favorite Things To Wear?

Sneakers and sunglasses.

Mariyah Gaspacho Sneakers and Sunglasses
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 What Can’t You Live Without?

My camera!
Mariyah Gaspacho OOTDMariyah Gaspacho @mahryska fashionMariyah Gaspacho Fashion

Photo by Princess Lovella

What Is Your Fashion Philosophy?

Keep it simple. It will last you longer.

Mariyah Gaspacho

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