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Photo by: Jef Anog

For over a decade, athletes/educators Divine Masinsin and Rica Rodriguez, have wielded a strong influence in the local fitness scene in the UAE as leading fitness professionals.  Respected authorities in the field, the two, also known as the Dynamic Duo, stand as female and Filipino empowerment figures who embody the drive and confidence to succeed.

Establishing their presence in Asia and setting up their base in Hanoi, Vietnam, in recent years, the two are still significantly involved in projects in the UAE.  In 2019, they were featured as the first Filipino presenters at the MEFIT Health & Fitness Summit 2019 in Dubai alongside other fitness professionals from all over the world.  The event is the largest gathering of industry leaders in the region.  Divine and Rica were also presenters for BOSU and Hedstrom Fitness at the Asia Fitness Conference 2019, the longest-running fitness conference in Asia, held last year in Bangkok.

On their own, the two are equally passionate about pursuing their advocacies.  Rica presented at the MEFIT Health & Fitness Summit 2019 in Cairo and was the main speaker for the All-Star Summit Shenyang in China. On the other hand, Divine served a Guest Speaker at the Seafarer Family International Congress in Manila.

Hoping to inspire Filipinos towards success, the two encourage others to develop the “We Can” attitude and to start putting a value on themselves, by pursuing growth and education.


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