Fashion Designer


Yen is proud Filipino couturier/businessman and the co founder of Yen Fashion Design – a bridal and couture atelier based in Abu Dhabi which has branches in Doha, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. The brand also retails in House of Fraser and Bloomingdales.

Yen’s works have circulated around the fashion capitals of the world and have been noticed by world’s premiere international glossies. Revealing his “trick of the trade,” Yen says that the biggest and the most important investment he has made is in hiring a reliable staff. He adds that the key to “yenify” results is working smart not working hard. He shares: “My philosophy is ”Always pushing forward.” If there is an unforeseen error – instead of pointing fingers, let’s think of a solution and move forward. If we achieved our goals – let’s think of a way to be even better at it. And in times of stress – chill, evaluate and move forward with the solution. I have no time to dilly-dally and apply Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle in every obstacle.”

Ever the intellectual, Yen is currently formulating “The Yen Method” – a principle of entrepreneurship that, he says, can propel anyone into achieving their goals and unlock any enterprise’s full potential.


Photo by Alex Callueng; Photography Assistant – Bethoven Filomeno Special thanks to – Giordano, Nikon, Liali Jewellery, Lulu, Mitsubishi and Western Union.

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