Thoughtleader: Lyndon Magsino

Education Advocate

Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno

Over the last 17 years, Lyndon Magsino has been an active supporter and community leader for Filipinos in the Gulf, both as the founder and chairman of several professional organizations, as well as though his advocacy in education.

As the Founder of the Philippine Business School (PBS) in the UAE, Lyndon has equipped countless Filipinos with the skills to conquer the global market. Since its launch in 2017, the PBS has produced over a thousand graduates and over 20 accredited executive masterclass programs. He is also the author of PISO Master (a Filipino best-seller on how to generate passive income from stock ownership), and he has also been a key speaker in events in the US, Qatar and the Philippines on business strategy, stock market investing, banking risk management, internal controls, and global leadership.

Lyndon’s personal journey was also marked by a milestone of its own. This year, he achieved the Highest Academic Achievement for the ‘Global Professional Scholarship Program’ for the Global Executive Master of Business Administration at Hult International Business School.

A believer in the capacity of the Filipino to succeed, Lyndon reminds kababayans of the need to be continually pushing the envelope. “I believe that Filipinos are intelligent, hard-working and with great virtues,” he says. “However, I also observed that these traits are not enough to be able to compete globally and create that competitive advantage from other nationalities. We need to work on the other missing pieces in the puzzle: grit, communication skills, and knowledge.”


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