Trailblazer – Salah Majeed aka Bovlix

Social Media Personality


Photo by: Hashem Almusawi

Social Media personality Salah Majeed demonstrates how a popular platform like Instagram can be used for the greater good – positively influencing the youth and advocating for social awareness. Also known as Bovlix, the half Filipino half Bahraini influencer is known for humorous content, dance, and bringing societal issues like road safety campaigns, plastic consumption, CSR and sustainability, to the attention of his over one million followers. In doing so, he adds value to society by encouraging young minds to be more progressive and globally-minded.

“The beauty of my trade is the fact that we can now openly share our views, strengths, talents, and culture on platforms to mass audiences. I believe that anyone of any race in this industry should work towards different ways of expressing their creativity without worrying about being limited to certain biases.”  Salah adds, “I also would like to encourage the youth to be confident of who they are and their race and to empower people to believe in their talent, and that dreams do come true.”

Salah hopes for Filipinos to fully explore their potentials and show them to the world by using their platforms without limits.  He says, “The barriers that have existed in the past no longer exist, all thanks to our digital platforms. Now more than ever, we are able to make a difference and showcase our talents from any corner of the world we reside in.”


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