100 MIFG: Top Bloggers

100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Top Bloggers


In case you haven’t heard, fashion/lifestyle blogging version 1.0 is now so 2000. Yesterday’s market of #OOTDs and #selfies has been replaced by a wider scope of interests which includes lifestyle, travel, even fitness. Style bloggers have rebranded themselves as online influencers, masters of flatlays, and wanderlust-consumed adventurers whom you can stalk with just a click on the follow button.   Here are the most influential Filipinos in the local and regional blogosphere.

Paul Ramos

Fashion Blogger



100 MIFG: Top Bloggers
Photo by: Alex Callueng


Paul is like your fashionable bro that has always been close to you except he’s online. He’s always in something pressed and crisp, with his hair ever so neatly coiffed throughout the day. He’s that guy you turn to whenever you need REAL fashion inspiration because he knows how to rock them suits and loafers and give them justice.


He has managed to keep his name and content relevant to the industry. He has worked with multiple international brands like Montblanc and Lincoln, to name a few. With new players emerging from here and there, Paul comments: “living in the new age, filled with young and talented people, sharing their knowledge, personal style, experiences and putting so much time and dedication, why don’t we just support each other and inspire? Respect and love each other.”


Kier Pascual

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger



100 MIFG: Top Bloggers
Photo by: Alex Callueng


“Whenever I receive messages from people saying that my work inspires them, I think that somehow, in my little way and through our exchanges, I can give them a little nudge and encourage them to do what I do,” Kier says of empowering Filipinos through his work.

He is no stranger to the highly competitive online world – the cute ‘boy next door’ of ‘Lo’s Closet’ which has been going strong for so many years.  2017 was the year he stepped out of his comfort zone. Kier found space for growth when he did his first-ever solo travel abroad.  He even became part of Du’s major campaign for GITEX. Beyond that, he’s learned bigger lessons — that being an influencer is not a new label for VIP; that true relationships are not based on ‘likes’ or how many followers you have, and that being influential is about giving way to other people who are hungry to do good things. Most importantly, Kier has realized the immense value of being genuine in this very virtual world.


Joy Caasi

Lifestyle Blogger



100 MIFG: Top Bloggers
Photo by: Alex Callueng


Joy is probably not a stranger to you anymore especially if you’ve passed by Sheikh Zayed Road lately. Yes, she’s that girl, who even in cartoonized version you will still recognize in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 large format billboard. Asked if blogging is self-centered, Joy replied: “I think sharing experiences and sharing what you love doing has nothing to do with self-centeredness. Most people follow bloggers/Instagrammers because they were inspired by them to do creative things. And if they pick-up something good, doesn’t it make you feel good too?” She also shared: “I remembered one of my greatest mentors telling me when you share the knowledge of creativity, your creativity multiplies.”


Patrick Caldito

Content Creator



100 MIFG: Top Bloggers


Patrick or @thatguynamedpatrick as the Instagram residents know him is also a full-time food and lifestyle photographer for one of the finest F&B brands in Dubai. His work has been part of EYEM Exhibit in Berlin last December 2017. Dubai Tourism also turned their heads and put the spotlight on the works of Patrick in a collaboration last year.


Some people say that blogging is a petty thing and that bloggers and Instagrammers are usually self-centered. But Patrick thinks each one has their level of expertise. He says “yours may not be the one I’ll like and mine may not be the one you’ll like – so that defines the level of importance we give. We work on what we value most. Are we self-centered? I must agree partly since of course; you have to market your work. Competition in this industry is tough, so If you lose track, you’ll be left behind.”


 Abeer Maribay

Book & Lifestyle Blogger



100 MIFG: Top Bloggers
Photo by: Alex Callueng


Abeer refers to herself as a “bookstagrammer.” This girl has read a fair amount of books — from sexy, to satirical, thrilling, funny, polarizing, or simply amusing. The keyword is “read” because she doesn’t just use those tomes as props to make a nice Instagram feed. Through these books, she saw the world beyond our close confines, allowing her to learn more deeply about the human experience, and sometimes just getting valuable entertainment. In her own words, she shares: It’s a wild world out there, and most people lose themselves when they get to the top. I don’t want to be that kind of person.” We live in exhausting times—why not escape for a bit with a book?


Photography by: Alex Callueng

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