Travel Bloggers – Most influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2018

Travel Bloggers


Lady Anne Abit

I am able to reach people around the globe through my travel blog. It is a joy to think that this passion has built friendships, has helped other people make their dream trips happen, and has introduced Filipino culture to the rest of the world.

Hannah Magsayo

I travel a lot, and that’s not only to see new places but forging new friendships and meaningful relationships. We as Filipinos are just like that. We are friendly, hospitable, and caring and through my platform, I am able to impart my Filipino values to places all across the globe. Whether simple memories of one-night stays or long vacations full of exhilarating activities, each trip has its own unique story to convey. I live with it; I capture it, I share it and tell it.

Debbie O   

Traveling in itself isa means to connect. As a cabin crew for a Gulf-based airline, I have the great opportunity to represent and share the beauty of the Philippines and the kindness of Filipinos to the rest of the world while in the aircraft, and in the cities I’m visiting. And because of flying, I am able to provide content through my social media platforms, bridging myself with others who have the same interests and dreams like I do. Beyond showing them beautiful places, where and what to eat, I also show them the realities that come with the job, from living away from home and family, and the hard work that comes with it. And through all these, I can only hope I fuel that spark within people – no matter what background, to go our there. To explore, to chase their dreams, to break down walls and – to live.

Michael Emlano

Traveling for me is an eye-opener. It is a great opportunity to discover different cultures and explore beautiful places. Through social media, I can share my photos and travel experiences. It also allows me to meet new friends and connect with the rest of the world.  Whenever I travel, I always share what the Philippines can offer and how friendly Filipinos are. This way, I think I am able to bridge the gap between Filipinos and the rest of the world.




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