Filipino Photographers – Ernie Manzano and Joel Fontanilla Jacla

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Photography enthusiast Ernie Manzano is an architect by profession but his   passion for taking photos of landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, brought him to the field. Starting with a point and shoot camera for his travels in Dubai and in the Philippines, he eventually bought a DSLR camera to take better shots.

Now, every weekend is reserved for his hobby and friends he met along the way who became his photo-walk buddies. “We share ideas about photography, post processing and I learn a lot from them. I feel so glad when my friends and other people appreciate my works. Sometimes I receive comments but it’s okay, because I know from my mistakes I will learn more,” says Ernie.

To enhance his skills, he even attended photography workshops.  A Daniel Cheong-fan, Ernie says most of his landscape and cityscape photos are digital blending. But he also does portraits sometimes, so his skills will not be limited to landscapes.

“My passion will never stop, I am eager to shoot more and learn more so I can share more beautiful things I see with my eyes and capture with my camera,”

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Dubai-resident Joel Fontanilla Jacla hails from La Union, Philippines. An aircraft technician for Emirates airlines, he says his interest in photography started in 2008. He relates that when he bought his first DSLR in 2008, he did not have any idea on how to use it, so he practiced and explored a lot.

He says he was first attached to the beauty of nature and made it as his subject. Since then, his photos have evolved into capturing scenic beauty, wonders of nature, as well as individual and group photos that give inspiration to those who see it. For Joel, one of the best thing about photography is being able to  “waking up early in the morning to captivate the sunrise and staying late to wait for the sunset have became my passion.”

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