Illustrado Scrapbook: Jorod Cadudu-an, Ino Florencio, Red Punzalan & Roland Batacan


Jorod Cadudu-an – Dubai, UAE

IG: @jrodphotomap





Florencio Ino – Kuwait

IG: florencio_ino_photography

Florencio Ino is a Brand Ambassador of Sony Middle East and Africa. He has been a Portrait & Celebrity Photographer for 8 years, and currently works in Kuwait as a Construction Superintendent. He has done shots with known Filipino celebrities and has even had his works published in several magazines, newspapers and billboards in the Philippines, USA and Middle East.



Red Punzalan – Dubai, UAE

IG: @red_punzalan

Red’s passion in photography has always been a part of his dream. Having started out as a visual artist, he began photography in order to connect with and inspire his audiences. He believes that every portrait conveys different emotions, sentiments and meanings, and has developed his own brand REDefining Concepts in order to showcase his creative talents to the world.





Roland Batacan

IG: @rollipixels




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