Trailblazer: Ambassador Adnan V Alonto

Saudi Arabia

Since assuming his post as the Filipino Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 2017, H.E Adnan V. Alonto has made it his mission to lay strong foundations with the host government to ensure the protection and promotion of the rights of Filipino workers in the Kingdom.

Coming down from a line of Filipino leaders, the son of prominent Filipino-Muslim leader Former Senator Dr. Ahmad Domocao Alonto, he has followed in the footsteps of his father through acts of public service and cause-oriented advocacy.

“Bringing the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh much closer to the Filipino community and ensuring that the Embassy responds quickly to their needs remain my core advocacy as ambassador. We (the Philippine mission) are here because of them. Hence, my present and future projects will center on strengthening the protection and promotion of the OFWs in the Kingdom. It gives me much satisfaction to say that we have made great strides along with these objectives.”

With a little more than two years into his term as Ambassador, he considers his mission fulfilled, especially considering how the stature of the community has advanced under his care. “Filipino industry and resilience have become a big part of Saudi Arabia’s social and economic fabric. We have contributed to the economic and societal development of the Kingdom. I’m proud that our community is recognized and appreciated for that,” he shares.

Within the year, the Embassy hopes to construct a multipurpose building for the use of the community within the Chancery this year. In so doing, providing a venue for Filipinos in the kingdom to gather and meet.


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