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Agnes Pedrosa Marelid – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Thoughtleader – Agnes Pedrosa Marelid

Brand Philippines Proponent

Photo by: Jef Anog

Very few people have the gift of being a veritable bridge that connects people.  For Agnes Pedrosa Marelid who has such extraordinary social currency, this is just part and parcel of who she is; and flying the flag of the Philippines in whatever she does or whomever she is engaging with is her passion.  Since 1997, across Europe and the Middle East, from her work as a previous TV correspondent to her present role as account manager of digital agency, not to mention as former Chairman of the Philippine Business Council in Abu Dhabi, she has contributed to initiatives on female empowerment, business, tourism and culture.

This year, she has played an active role in supporting sustainability in fashion, promoting local textiles made by small traditional handloom communities in the Philippines. She also collaborated with Jeannie Javelosa of GREAT (Gender-Responsive Economic Actions for Transformation of Women), encouraging fashion designers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to utilize these textiles in upcoming projects.  Her goal is to bring Philippine woven textiles to the forefront of international fashion through collaborations with various organizations while creating a platform for local eco-fashion designers to shine. Currently, she is actively supporting the Philippines in its participation at the Dubai World Expo 2020.

Helping one another is Agnes’ key to strengthen one another. She says, “The only way we can uplift ourselves is first to be proud of ourselves. From that mindset emanates a strong foundation of who we are and what our purpose in life is.”

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Agnes Pedrosa Marelid

Agnes Pedrosa Marelid - Most influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2018

Agnes Pedrosa Marelid has been a living-breathing advocate of “brand Philippines” in the last two decades.  Living in Sweden, and then Abu Dhabi, she has worked in diverse industries including biotech, education, and food, as well as for ABS CBN Europe as a TV correspondent and events producer.  She is currently Senior Account Manager for digital agency Sandbox Creatives.

She states, “My occupation doesn’t define me, but I find ‘purpose in life’ as a determinant of who I am.” And true enough, with her strong calling to serve, Agnes has been an active contributor to the Filipino community both in Europe and the Middle East since 1997, instigating projects including protecting Filipina women from abuse, as well as promoting Filipino business, culture, and tourism.  An active supporter of Filipino entrepreneurship in the capital and former Chairman of the Philippine Business Council in Abu Dhabi, Agnes’ most recent mandate is to spearhead the campaign for the Filipino Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, with the objective of giving Filipinos their best representation on the world stage.

Still, despite her track record, Agnes’ real clout lies in the intangible. Her biggest gift, which has become an asset to the Filipino community, is her unique and unsurpassed ability to connect people and bridge the cultural gap.  Perhaps, it’s that megawatt smile, or that easy gait matched with her soft-but firm way of getting things done, that allows her to bring new meaning to the phrase ‘Filipina in-charge.’  Whatever it is just comes part and parcel to the advocacy she’s chosen in life.  “I do not only represent the Filipino community.  I also tirelessly protect and uplift the Filipino brand. Ultimately, I consider myself, a Filipino brand ambassador.”




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