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Thoughtleader – Albert Tranquilino 


Photo by: Melrish Studio – Melon Quinzon Perez

How does one rise from a life of poverty to lead a world-class company that’s patronized by the elite of the UAE?  Ask Albert Tranquilino, whose story is not just compelling, but also quite inspiring.

Albert was already working at the age of 12 as a janitor to support his underprivileged family.  He then landed a job at a funeral parlor where he gained an appreciation for flowers.  With the experience he earned, he had the opportunity to join a flower shop in Dubai.  Within 12 years of building his know-how and network, he established his own company. Darcey Flowers, established in 2018, now stands proud as a premium locally-grown brand, with an elite roster of clients – providing elegant flower arrangements for occasions, weddings, and corporate events.

A hands-on Managing Director, Founder Albert, just takes his feat in stride.  He talks about the importance of bringing his staff with him towards triumph.  He says, “For me, success is being able to hire 14 Filipino staff, to help them achieve their dreams and be with me on this beautiful journey of our company.”  Albert also shares that he’s mentoring his staff towards becoming entrepreneurs themselves someday.

Sharing wisdom that allowed him to carve an immensely successful path in life, Albert remarks, “First, have the courage and a big heart that embraces every challenge as an opportunity.  Set a goal for every one of your dreams. And lastly, work hard and be patient.


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