Allan Michael Bautista – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Allan Michael Bautista

Logistics Expert and Community Champion

Photo by: Donell Gumiran

Moving hearts across the world is no small task, requiring an exceptional team and a decisive leader – that’s where Allan Michael Bautista comes in. Part of the pioneering team that led LBC Express’s global expansion in 2013, he is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Middle East Operations at LBC express playing a key role in managing day to day operations and continuously serving the GCC’s Filipino market.

Allan is also an active mover in the community supporting and promoting the advancement as well as the level of collaboration among Filipino businesses in the emirates.

Inspired to champion entrepreneurship he joined the Filipino Association of Middle East Entrepreneurs in 2016, facilitating educational and networking programs for aspiring business owners in the country. He later joined the Philippine Business Council in Dubai and the Northern Emirates (PBC DNE), where he is the Director of Memberships since 2018. Within the organization, Allan has also spearheaded the formation of its first sub-committee – the PBC League of Freight Forwarders where he serves as Chairman.

A fervent believer in the Filipino’s capacity to succeed, Allan hopes that Filipinos can rise above their challenges collectively by helping each other out.  His wish he says is that – “As a people we are each accorded equal opportunities and recognition globally, and that we all get to fulfill our potentials through continuous learning and providing support to each other.”


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