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Angel Villar De Jesus - Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf 

Famed for his mastery of curves and the female silhouette fashion designer and entrepreneur Angel Villiar has been quietly working from strength to strength to establish his cachet in the highly competitive couture business in the UAE.  Managing Partner and Designer at Maro’Sha Ricci Fashion, which he created nine years ago, he has a solid following among regional clients and has also been part of several shows in the country.

Speaking of his discerning clientele, “Emarati clients are not easy to please when it comes to fashion, because they do know fashion,” he says. “Winning their trust is an honor; seeing them gain confidence makes me fulfilled as Filipino because it shows that we can be as innovative and competitive in any other field.”

While he is still young, he would like to be remembered as a person of faith, a person who stands for what he believes in, with a unique identity in fashion. In the near future, Angel plans to expand his couture businesses, improving his current ventures to open a new line next year in Manila, and to further his creative learning.  He advises, “Don’t copy someone’s idea and be proud of it. We all get inspired by icons but there is a huge difference between innovating and imitating. Nowadays, that’s the biggest issue in the fashion world that many designers live in someone else’s artistry. Be unique and don’t be afraid to be different.”


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