Anna Llagas – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Tastemaker – Anna Llagas

Model – Entrepreneur 

Ann Llagas is a woman on a mission to add diversity to the local modeling scene as well as provide opportunities to fresh talents aspiring to walk the runway and be in front of the camera.

Since she started her company “Anna Model Management” in 2016, Anna has played a crucial role in contributing to the development of the region’s modeling industry and is now known for providing a platform for upcoming, ethnically diverse models for both runway and editorial purposes.  Anna’s models have graced various affairs, including the region’s definitive annual fashion event Fashion Forward, as well as publications and commercial projects.  2019 also marks the agency’s first exclusive international Filipino model, Carlo Lee’s initial foray into Fashion Forward.

To date, the model-entrepreneur continues to pour out her own style, as well as her own hopes and dreams into her initiatives. “My modeling agency is not just about business, but a legacy to,” she says. “It gives the opportunity to new and rising talents, so that together, we all journey towards success.”


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Anna Llagas

Model, Entrepreneur

Going beyond her fame as a leading figure in the Filipino modeling community in the Middle East, Anna Llagas has taken a leap of faith in 2016 by opening her own modeling agency – ‘ANNA Model Management’.  With the keen intent of directing the public eye to undiscovered Pinoy talents in the region, her main objective above all else is to introduce a higher degree of cultural diversity to the region’s fashion industry.

Recently gracing the cover of STYLE VIETNAM, Anna’s love for modeling stems from her love for fashion.  Hence, it was exciting for her to transition into another facet of the industry: from modeling, to model management.

2016 has been a particularly trying year for Anna, as switching from a regular employee to the sole head of a business she now owns has had its highs and lows. However, in light of the many challenges she faces, Anna continues to strive in style, buoyed by the will to achieve her goals. Of what lays ahead for her and her business, Anna shares: “I want my modeling agency to succeed not only in this part of the world but also in Europe and Southeast Asia. I want to provide more work opportunities for my models, artists and talents.”


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