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Anna Mariel Papa – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Anna Mariel Papa


Photo by: Donell Gumiran

“In order to make your goals happen, you have to believe in yourself and establish that self-confidence. It’s no secret that we, Filipinos, are known for being hardworking, efficient and resourceful. So, I thought, why not put up my own business and apply all those Filipino traits,” shares Anna Mariel Papa the entrepreneur behind Papa Movers.

Since its establishment in 2015, Papa Movers has been providing professional moving services for residents and companies within the emirates.  With a dedicated team and 24-hour country services, the company covers every aspect of the moving process from packing, cargo delivery, and long-distance transport and heavy lifting. They have also started offering storage as well as residential and commercial cleaning.

As a self-made entrepreneur, Anna emphasizes keeping one’s focus clear.  She says, “Always see your goal no matter how small your business is. Treat your people as your friends, create a good working relationship with them.”

Beyond the job, she is driven to give back by participating in charitable activities that benefit the needy, not only in the Philippines but also in Africa.   She aims to be able to support more people, especially in light of recent events back home.  She also lauds the Filipinos endless capacity to maintain a sunny outlook in life and says, “Despite serious natural calamities and problems in our country, Filipinos have managed to stay positive and optimistic. These won’t keep us Filipinos down for long. After all, we Filipinos were born fighters.” 


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