Artist Spotlight: Cholo Juan


Visual Artist and Graphic Designer

I take my art as a journey to every aspect of the human condition and experience. The part that I love the most about it is the experimentation and the process – the process which helps me awaken the subconscious.

I grew up in a family of artists and found great passion for art, music, film, and almost everything creative. I officially started my career when I joined the artist collective Brownmonkeys back in 2009. They were the ones who helped me develop my art, especially since I didn’t have any formal art background.

I think being “different” is overrated. Every art form has in one way or another, been inspired by everything else. That’s how the wheel of creativity works. I think what is important is finding the balance of staying true to your craft while still being open to view others’ works as a source of inspiration.

Abstract (Cholo Juan) - 2014 biddi - 2015 Camel and Falcon (World's Longest Graffiti Scroll) Camel and Falcon Sketch (World's Longest Graffiti Scroll) Living is Easy with Eyes Closed - 2012  MJ - 2015 Ogilvy (2010) Self-portrait - 2014 The Great Circuit Parade - 2014 Time is Running Out - 2015

Cholo Juan’s work can be viewed at FN Designs – Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz Dubai. He is also planning for his solo art exhibition next year.





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