Bethoven Filomeno – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Bethoven Filomeno

Educator & Photographer 

Photo by: Filbert Kung

Rising photographer, Bethoven Filomeno is a fervent creative media educator who equips his students with the knowledge and practical expertise to be instruments of change. Teaching for the last 15 years, he shares that the most significant part of his job is empowering those under his tutelage: “As an educator, it is my goal to guide young ones in valuing their creative identity, to push for their ideas and to be confident in who they are.”

Bethoven’s photography has been published by Vogue Italia Talents, Vogue India, and Forbes Middle East. He has also covered major events such as Fashion Forward Dubai. As a faculty member of Amity University in Dubai, he has organized the International Conference on Current Practices and Future Trends in Media as well as the Legacy of Zayed Photography Competition. Additionally, he serves as a masterclass instructor at FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Style Dubai on the creative process behind Fashion Photography and has delivered a career talk on Media and Communication for students of Home School Global Middle East.

Bethoven shares: “As an educator, my goal for the Filipino community is for us to be known as great contributors of knowledge. That’s why I always make it a point to introduce Filipino talents and industry practitioners to younger generations. I believe that by showcasing our skillsets, we can create platforms that can help Filipinos be active contributors in more than just the service industry, but in academia as well.”


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