Bettina Micu – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Bettina Micu

Social Media Professional

Bettina Micu’s exposure to the fashion and blogging scene as an influencer in recent years has served her well.  At 21 years old, she has handled the social media campaigns of some 30 clients within the beauty, fashion, hospitality, F&B, and events industry.  She considers 2019 as the most exciting year of her life, wherein she had the privilege to execute campaigns for large scale initiatives such as Club Social & Wasla Music Festival.  She also shot her first campaign for Real Techniques, produced and directed three YSL beauty assignments, landed a project with Fashion Forward October Edition, and is now set to become the Creative Lead at her agency.

Taking time off from being in front of the camera to work behind the scenes, wasn’t easy, she admits. “It’s extremely intimidating to stand next to so many talented creatives in this region. I’ve been absolutely terrified, but I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing. In the end, I don’t want to be remembered as someone who was fearless; I want to be remembered as someone who constantly practiced courage.”

As a Filipino born and raised in the UAE who had to grapple with her identity growing up, Bettina also says, “My biggest motivation at work is knowing I am representing Filipino women. I am a proud, courageous-Filipino woman, and I want to show my colleagues and the people I meet just how intelligent, hard-working and passionate Filipinos are.”


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Young, beautiful, and armed with a cleverness that belies her tender age, Bettina represents the future of fashion blogs in the Middle East. Her style mindset is decidedly practical and inclusive. She says, “Never judge! Even if I see an outfit that I know isn’t my style, or something I don’t immediately identify with, I always remind myself that we all have different taste and ways of expressing ourselves, and I think that’s really cool!” She is the antithesis to the elite affectations of most fashion bloggers, speaking and writing with a calm and friendliness that keeps her relatable and relevant. Her advice to up and coming bloggers: Find your own unique voice and create quality content- make everything you write mean something!”


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