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Brusko Barbers takes a different approach in business from the usual barbershop of old, providing some of the country’s best male-grooming services to a multicultural customer base in the UAE, which includes personalities, artists, and influencers in the country.

A hip and chilled out hub for the modern-day man, Brusko Barbers’ quirky aesthetics combined with a modern barbershop experience has garnered respect in the sector and even earned the brand the “Best in Grooming” honors at the Men’s Health & Women’s Health Middle East awards.

Founded by Roy Cruz, Abi Gaddi Cruz, Algene Suria, and Malu Gallardo, who’ve been in the industry for more than a decade, Brusko’s mission is to connect and take care of their clients, providing high-quality grooming services to generate loyalty in the long run. The brand wants to be known as an enterprise that exudes the courage to excel in whatever they put their mind into and to prove that innovation indeed can make a mark, even in a business that’s seemingly as mundane as grooming.


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Brusko Barbers 

Making a difference in their own terms is this Dubai-grown Filipino founded brand that has set a new standard in the male grooming sector in the country.  The story of Brusko Barbers just goes to show that even a simple business, if done with pride and creativity can cut through the clutter.

Not the barbershop of old, Brusko Barbers, the brainchild of co-founders Roy Cruz, Abi Gaddi Cruz, Algene Suria, and Malu Gallardo has climbed from being your typical haircut place to a hotspot among the hip and happening gents of Dubai. With a quirky brand identity, Brusko’s founders have pushed the grooming envelope, delivering their authentic take on the modern barbershop experience from the services, to the nostalgic atmosphere, down to the camaraderie offered by its affable staff. Brusko Barbers has gained patronage among some rising personalities, including artists and influencers, and have also garnered industry recognition landing in finalist position in the category of ‘Best in Grooming’ at the recent #mhwhawards18 by Men’s Health & Women’s Health Middle East.

A specialty brand that serves a growing international clientele built on 100% Filipino entrepreneurship is somewhat of a rarity in Dubai.  Undaunted, they share, “Building a brick and mortar shop targeting to serve multinational clientele by 100 percent Filipino first-time entrepreneurs in the service industry was not an easy feat, but it is a challenge we accepted headstrong. By staying optimistic, putting in the hard work, and relying on each other’s expertise, we overcame these challenges.  Armed with grit, professionalism and creative innovation, now we’ve built a place that has become worthy of very happy and proud customers.”




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