Trailblazer – Carla Bygrave

Social Entrepreneur – Community Advocate

Photo by: Jon Unson

Co-founder of social enterprise SKILLS3, whose mission is to improve and enhance the lives of marginalized communities through sewing –– Carla Bygrave designs and delivers home-craft programs as a sustainable solution to livelihood for disadvantaged women.

Skills3, which Carla co-founded with Therese Tsui in 2016, has made a difference in the lives of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, as well as displaced Filipina workers, whilst partnering with humanitarian foundations and NGOs across the world, as well as the private sector, by imparting sewing skills that allow women to rebuild their livelihood.

Of their working in tandem with the Philippines Overseas Labour Office (POLO) and the craft community in Dubai to deliver workshops, up-skilling over 470 Filipinas since 2017, Carla shares, “The work that I do with the distressed Filipina workers has given me immense fulfillment because, for every person that returns home with a new set of home-craft skills, the potential to start a micro-business or apply for factory sewing jobs or even just create items for their family can change lives for the better.”

She adds, “Social Enterprise is still in its infancy stage in the UAE, but I believe that because we have all these very human emotional qualities that could be good for social entrepreneurs. we understand how it is to be the one to need help, to be on the other side of that fence, to feel downtrodden. If we can combine these with strong business acumen, Filipinos can excel as social entrepreneurs.”



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