It’s What I Do: Shay Michaela Tan


Arch. Shay Michaela TanArch. Shay Michaela Tan, UAP


Office Inspirations – Dubai, UAE


I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Architecture in 2014 and moved to Dubai at age 20.  I was blessed to land a job that allows me to live my dream career, in a company that rewards me for my ideas and contributions.

I currently work as an Architect-Designer, concentrating on space planning, conceptual design, furniture and technology proposals. My job also entails competencies in 3D visualization and graphical presentation. I am involved in commercial, retail, education and hospitality projects. While working, I have decided to take my career to the next level, and aimed to be a licensed Architect. It was 6 months of intense preparation, but it was all worth it.

Every day for me is a different story. I treat my life as an everyday blessing. I spend most of my hours at work brainstorming and collaborating with my colleagues, but I try to step out of routines and do other things that can develop me socially, professionally and spiritually. During break time, I watch tutorials and read articles that help me expand my sphere of interests. Time is a chance, and every chance is a privilege.

Word of advice to my fellowmen: let your faith be bigger than your fears. Learn to see the good side in everything. It is okay if you don’t get the “perfect” job; just believe that God has a plan prepared for you. If you lose a project, trust that there will be thousands more out there, and you will find them. If you fall a hundred times, God will be there a hundred times to lift you up. Your journey will never be perfect, and there are no shortcuts.