Annie B. Chronicles # 33: Confessions of a Social Butterfly

One day one of my boss – still recovering from his latest liposuction surgery – couldn’t make it to an art exhibit – a classy event featuring the Who’s Who and A-Least in Dubai. Not letting this dizzizit opportunity go to waste, I used the invitation to get into the event. Sa wakas may naging silbi na rin ang mga outfits ko from the baul. So may-I sachet the red carpet ang beauty ko wearing my feathers and fur – feeling ‘Breakfast at Tipanan’…este ‘Tiffany’s’ ang drama ko. Complete ang bonggang event with media coverage ng Ahlan and What’s On magazine – Dubai’s high society! Somebody asked me, “So who are you wearing?” Without battling my eyelash, sabi ko “Audrey Hepburn!” Akala nila hindi ako upto date sa mga Hollywood classics ha? Dizzizit! Carpet Diem!!! Sees the date.

After a couple of drinks – Cosmopolitan, of course – and robbing elbows with socialites and fashion executives (mga dabarkads ng mga boss ko at mga suppliers namin) – I got a drink from an aninomous person. Ganda ko di ba? Then this tall, black and white haired white guy approaches me. “Cheers!” sabi nya. “No, this is vodka. Not Cheers….” sey ko naman. Tumawa lang sya. Ang gwapooooooo!!! He’s a looks-alike of Richard Gere…na may halong Dick Israel. Basta. Sya si Adam. An American businessman from New York who’s into publishing. He’s in town daw for business. “Official business or monkey business???” tanong ko. Aba, natawa na naman. In fairness, aliw sya sa akin. At hindi sya snub unlike other sossy guys in that event. Basta kahit anong sabihin ko na-aaliw sya. Gosh…am I that funny and weetty? Akala ko nga may tinga ako sa ngipin eh – kasi palagi lang sya naka-ngisi habang nakatingin sa akin. Haba ng hair ko no?

So we exchanged numbers. Like that, you know? The next day he calls me and invites me for brunch. Dizzizit!!! Maya-maya pa may Bentley with matching chowffer nang sumusundo sa akin. Tulo-laway ang echoserang tambay at mga kapitbahay sa flat ko. Manigas kayo sa inggit! Akala ko sa hotel kami mag-bra-brunch. I arrive at the Fairmont – OMG! Sa Penthouse sya nakatira!!! Jackpot ka, Annie B!  Pero syempre hindi ako nagpahalata na jologs ako… baka ma-turn off kasi sya eh. I figured out, sa yaman at sosyal ni Adam for sure he has been with women of style and luxury – so I must act like one!

From that day on, my life become to change. As in! From his hotel Penthouse suite he took me to the Atlantis at The Palm to have tea at Plato’s Lounge. Juice ko, mag-tsa-tsaa lang sa Atlantis pa – saan ka pa???!!! Tapos, for dinner, he introduced me to his friends – sa Splendido – a fantastic Italian restaurant at the Ritz. Syempre nag-spaghetti ako. Yun na yata ang pinaka-mahal na pasta na in-order ko ever… All of his friends puro mga bigtime – CEOs and Managing Directors – I really had to blend in.  Ika nga nila, first impression is last. Kaya pakitang-gilas talaga ako. “Bon Api-teeth!” I greeted everyone as we started to eat our dinner. Aba, naloka sila. Sabi ko I speak Italian eh. Oui!

Don’t get me wrong. Call me pasosyal na or something – but in this situation I really had to improvise. Siguradong kapag nalaman nila na isang hamak na empleyado lang ako eh malamang hindi nila ako seryosohin. Besides, I had to be at far with Adam’s level – baka sabihin nila kung saan saan lang nya ako napulot. What do they think of me? Thinking of them? And I own it to Adam – I wanted to make sure he will be proud of me. Kasi I really can tell that he is so fun of me. Everytime he looks at me he is always smiling at me – well, can I help it? I can’t. Anyway, the feeling is actual. Dizzizit!

I had to re-invent myself. I told them that I am Anniebee, a fashion buyer with a degree in Fashion Design from Harvard University; I grew up in our family owned-hacienda, that my parents are top government officials in my country; we own several houses in Forbes Park in Manila, in Central Park in New York and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Melrose Place; that I speak multi-languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, British, Australian, Singaporean and Tagalog, of course. Hay naku, bilib na bilib sila! Malay mo, malay ko, Malaysia! As far as to whom it may concerned, I am a woman of the world!

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