Cristina Calaguian – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Thoughtleader: Cristina Calaguian

Human Resources Expert & Community Advocate

Photo by: Chris Calumberan

PWD’s do not register as ‘People with Disabilities’ to Cristina Calaguian, but rather, ‘People with Determination.’ As the founder of Dagaz HR Consultancy and Recruitment, she has worked tirelessly to bring opportunities to even the most marginalized job seekers in the region.

Cristina also helps spread the good news of hope to other people. Chosen as a guest speaker by My Cord in Manila, she has delivered talks on happiness at work, further sharing her skills in training companies about diversification and inclusion in hiring people with determination.  She has also spoken on International Labor Law and Accessibility and has also engaged with youths spreading awareness on Global Goals during the UN-SDG week.  In 2018, Cristina was also a resource speaker on Social Entrepreneurship at the Negosyo Expo2018.

In 2019, Cristina was invited by the Philippine Labor Office in Oman to speak about Financial Literacy.  She has also supported the Filipino Community in Mozambique (FILCOMOZ) by giving a talk on Financial Literacy, Social Investments, and Happiness at Work.

Putting an emphasis on continued development, Cristina advises, “We have to continue learning to build confidence. We need to invest in more rigorous education in our chosen field to become an expert in it.”


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