Gamechanger – Dawn Almario

Creative Director

Dawn Almario – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

“We all are a work in progress. I believe one is never done in their life work; we are continuously contributing, continuously creating, and continuously changing.”

Creative Director Dawn Almario has always strived to push creative boundaries through her endeavors in the field of advertising, as well as through her other artistic pursuits. She has worked for internationally renowned advertising agencies in the world, including McCann Erickson (Manila), Impact BBDO (Dubai), Grey Global Group (Dubai), and FCB (Dubai), creating campaigns for some of the most well-loved brands.  A multi-awarded artist, she has received honors from the New York Ad Festival, London International Awards (LIA), Cannes Lions, and Clio.

With her appetite for continued growth, Dawn plans to pivot from advertising and reinvent herself in the world of fine arts, hoping to create works that have a lasting impact, longer than that of advertising campaigns. She also hopes to see more Filipino talents in creative industries in general, expressing that this can be achieved through immersing oneself in different cultures: “In general, I think Filipinos should make it a point to travel the world. One can start to be open through observation and first-hand experiences of world culture. If we keep on seeing and feeling the same things, we will never grow as a country or as people. Immersion and exposure to new ideas, I think, is the start of change and, therefore progress.”


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