Gamechanger – Edipolo “Edan” Aggarao

Creative Director

Edipolo Aggarao - Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf
Photo by: Donell Gumiran

Edan Aggarao represents one of the earliest success stories in Filipino leadership in the field of advertising in the region.  Hailed by his peers as the “Godfather of Pinoy Advertising in the Middle East”, he has been leading creative teams in the UAE since the ‘80s working for agencies such as Intermarkets, Young & Rubicam, AGA-ADK Communication Network, and more, working for industry heavy hitters including British Airways, Nissan, Ericsson and Emaar. He was at the forefront of what was, certainly, the peak period when Filipino talent dominated the creative teams of some of the best agencies in the region.

In addition to his prominence in the advertising industry, he also co-founded LIPAD or the League of Pilipino Artists in Dubai, holding free weekly art workshops.  He also became the adviser of KNPO, a Filipino volunteer group offering skills training to the community. Through Edan’s efforts to push creative boundaries, as well as enhancing the lives of others in the community, he has laid the foundation of what is now the ideal for Filipino creatives to strive towards.

“Read more, learn, travel, mingle with other nationalities, learn other cultures, adapt the best habits discard ones, learn the ways of successful individuals, and keep up with the trends,” he says. “Keep creating. Keep believing. The world is your canvas.”


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