Filipino Abroad – It’s What I Do

Filipino Abroad – It’s What I Do



Restaurant General Manager

II Café di Roma – Dubai, UAE

My job

I am a Restaurant General Manager. Being responsible for the entire business entails that, I manage operations, handle Human Resources, as well as accounting. I have been in Dubai’s food and beverage scene for more than a decade now, and this has enriched me with skills and knowledge that help me to fulfill my job.

KRISTOFFER MENDOZA: Filipino Abroad – Dubai, UAE

My typical work day

My day starts with me briefing my colleagues on our daily target, tasks and updates in order for them to be fully aware and equipped with information they require to achieve what needs to be done. Then, I check my e-mail for any developments on orders, projects and reports. I inspect the whole outlet to check if everything is in good working condition, our standards are being followed and reports needed being done effectively and efficiently. Once it starts to get busy, I supervise operations. When all is well and functioning smoothly, I will then tackle my daily reports and updates on stocks and deliveries. At the end of the day, we tally all finances and provide a report to top management.


Career advice

We have all left our country to seek greener pastures. Once you are able to land a job, be the best that you can be and learn to develop yourself no matter what trade you are involved in. Be professional all the way, until your last working day. The world is very small. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll end up working for a former colleague who knows of what caliber of performance you embody.

Filipino Abroad – It’s What I Do



Sales & Marketing Manager

Histomer Swiss Italian Skin Care – Dubai, UAE


My Job

As the Sales and Technical Manager of Histomer exclusively distributed by JS International LLC, I am tasked to generate demand for my brand portfolio within my territory covering segments such as medical spas, beauty centers and dermatology clinics, to ultimately reach targets, while handling my clientele with the best customer service. To support my clients, I conduct monthly Histomer- Certified Classes in our office as well product knowledge refresher trainings to ensure that skin therapists and doctors are familiar with our product protocols.

My medical background as a Physical Therapy graduate, plus my stint with Pfizer Philippines gave me an edge in mastering my products by heart and skillfully communicating the benefits of my brand target audiences of different races and backgrounds. As part of my job, I also conduct product demos and customize marketing-related events or workshops in support to spa managers and owners assuring product satisfaction on the part of my clients and their valuable customers. I also create spa offers or clinic deals to promote the spa or clinic facial services using Histomer products as per special marketing arrangements. 

My typical work day

I am blessed with a wonderful family; a loving supportive husband who runs his own mobile fitness and conditioning company and an adorable charming six year-old son who live in Dubai with me. So my mornings are always adrenaline-packed from 6AM – taking care of breakfast and preparing my son for school. As my work timings are flexible, I can effectively juggle my family and work responsibilities.

I check my emails and social media accounts and spend time feeding my soul as well. Then I check my appointments and meetings in my diary. Then, off I go to visit my clients in the field and check out leads in the area. There are days where I need to conduct trainings or workshops, then, there are also times where I hope from one door to the other seeking new accounts that have certain requirements which I match up with my solution products. It is a never-ending challenge and thrill to meet new faces and see places in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman which is my area of responsibility. The more I am exposed in the field each day, the more exhilarating it is for me.

CHARMAINE ROXAS NACUA: Filipino Abroad – Dubai, UAE


Having been in Dubai for 12 years, I have had my shares of simple yet very hard beginnings. Through the challenges, I have developed patience in everything. It was nurtured in me when I went through all the hardship, the financial struggle, the job switching, the cultural adjustment, but what sustained me and my family is our strong faith and trust to our Creator who provided us with inner strength and a winning attitude that our life’s breakthroughs are on the way and it did happen and still is happening up to the present time. Glory to God!


Life advice

I urge you my kababayans to love God, to love our families and to love our country with all our hearts and we will start seeing our inner transformation unfolding. We should appreciate our spouses and focus on loving our families despite our challenges and lastly, we should look to our country with a renewed hope, patriotism and nationalism. Our nation is great and will become greater one day, ultimately making us feel that with conviction.

We should be proud to be Filipinos and that someday soon we will go home for good and bring our world-class expertise and talents to be utilized in building our nation together through the help of God.