Filipino Businesses in the Middle East and Beyond: Education & Training


Since: 2017

Founder: Lyndon Magsino

“Shaping the global business leaders of tomorrow,” the Philippine Business School positions itself among the most innovative business schools and training facilities in the UAE. Composed of Filipino professionals and businessmen, they offer an international standard of executive education in partnership with a prestigious university in the Philippines. Aiming high, Lyndon Magsino pushes for the Philippine Business School to be among the premiere of its kind, being the first purely Filipino–owned educational institute with national and internationally recognized education leaders.



Since: 2016

Co-Founder: Mayet Galang Evans

Filbrit provides over 300 training courses that cover a wide scope of talents, skills, and certifications. Despite amassing quite the following and a growing number of students, learner and tutor priority has been at the core of the institution’s practice, in compliance with UAE law and forged through their close relationship with the KHDA. “We want our clients to be safe and secure when attending our training, which is the best way to ensure that they benefit from our high-quality teaching.” Co-founder Mayet Galang Evans says.

Fueled by their success in the sector, Filbrit now has now expanded with branches in Dubai, and two in Ras Al Khaimah and learners in the UK and Romania. Their business activity has increased by 100% since opening, and the number of courses has also multiplied exponentially.  The founders are now are exploring options for franchising. “Being an entrepreneur is tough, but I never give up,” Mayet says. “I believe in following my dreams with enthusiasm and strength.” On staying competitive and keeping ahead of the game, planning is essential to her workflow. “Having many options is the secret to being successful. Finding the balance between planning carefully and being flexible is what will keep you competitive and will turn your business into a triumph.”




Since: 2015

 Founder: Gabriel John Rimando

For almost five years now, the Filipino Institute has given the first step towards life-changing opportunities to Pinoys in the Middle East by providing quality training. The institute specializes in giving short courses that are designed to fit a number of industry fields and skillsets. From language classes to industry skills and practical talents, the Filipino institute offers over 70 courses and has effectively equipped over 80,000 Filipinos with invaluable industry knowledge. Initially operating from Dubai, the overwhelming support of the Filipino community has bolstered the company’s expansion across the region.  Now, there are 15 branches spread across the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain.

With the goal of contributing to the Filipino community’s welfare in the region, founder Gabriel John Rimando has made education cheap and accessible through his platform. As a certified International Management Accountant, Public Accountant, and Personal Trainer, he has always had a mindset for sharing skills and helping the community. Through guiding many Filipinos to excellence, he aims to inspire more people to awaken their innate talents and capabilities.

To gain success, Rimando believes in rising above the competition by continually improving one’s services and skills to maintain a competitive edge. Risk-taking is equally essential. He believes that, despite the occasional loss, risks can become catalysts for trying harder. Lastly, he encourages his peers to follow the rules, sharing that “Rules don’t limit you. They give you the opportunity.”

Through social entrepreneurship, Gabriel John Rimando has created a friendly and accessible environment where learning is considered as the primary tool for advancement. Combining accessibility and affordability, the Filipino institute has become a vehicle for success for many of its students, equipping them towards their career evolution.



Since: 2018

Co-Founder: Lorraine Alfonso

Hayat Institute is a subsidiary of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development. Accredited by various government organizations (both local and international), the institute provides Occupational Safety Training, Advanced Medical training, Professional Management, and Development Training and Technical and Occupational Skills training. “Empowering the community is the main focus, where training is the equipment that the people need in turning them into lifesavers for a happier, healthier, and safer UAE.” Co-Founder Lorraine Alfonso says.



Since: 1999 

Founder: Remedios Chu

Since 1999, De La Salle Montessori (DLSM) Nursery – Dubai has been providing high-quality early childhood education and care. It has nurtured thousands of children and their families with a safe, protected, and enriched environment for learning that has encouraged physical, mental, social, and creative development. Headmistress Ian Chu Guerrero shares “With our proven “whole child” approach, we are proud to have helped shape students who have entered the primary school system and excelled in academics, sports, leadership, and extracurricular activities.”




Since: 2016

Founder: Alex Callueng

USA Basketball Coach Gold Licensee and former high school and college basketball coach in the Philippines, Alex Callueng who is mostly known for his fashion photography work, established Phases Basketball Academy in 2016 to encourage the youth to be better individuals through basketball training.  The company runs a Basketball Clinic for kids ages 4 to 16, developing athletic-oriented youth through strength training, conditioning, and team-building exercises.   They also organize basketball leagues under the supervision of partner schools so the students can also show their skills gained from the workouts as well as engage in healthy competition.  Lead by qualified coaches who are also fathers who appreciate the uniqueness of each kid; Phases aims to make a difference in the lives of their students on and off the court with practical life training that promotes discipline, motivation, and resilience.


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