Filipino Businesses in the Middle East and Beyond: Travel


Since: 2013

Founder: Malou Guinto – Prado

Filipino Businesses in the Middle East and Beyond: Travel

MPQ tourism stands out among the most well-known travel and tours agencies serving the Filipino community in the UAE. With a range of client services spanning international airline ticketing, visa services, travel insurance, hotel bookings, travel packages, customized travel itineraries, tour services and more, MPQ Tourism guarantees a smooth travel experience for its customers – providing services beyond expectations.

Always delivering, MPQ Tourism has catered to a rapidly expanding clientele since its 2013 opening, providing top of the line service and always completing set goals and business objectives. Their strong presence within the market facilitated the expansion of the company from the UAE to the USA, with branches across Dubai, and Las Vegas.  MPQ has also bagged a the partnership with the Dubai Aviation Corporation (Fly Dubai) among many other merits. They have received various accolades since their opening, including Best Travel Agency at the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards for three consecutive years.

Founder Malou Guinto – Prado is an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise within the travel and tourism field. Through her initiatives, she has led the MPQ team in developing a work ethic focused on strong customer service. With dedication and hard work, she strives to build MPQ into a globally known brand that caters to all travelers Filipino and otherwise, while hoping to inspire future entrepreneurs.

Filipino Businesses in the Middle East and Beyond: Travel

Her formula for success emphasizes several considerations. First, she encourages entrepreneurs to understand their competition well, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their market and their company. Knowing the customers comes in next. As customer expectations change rapidly, Malou puts importance on always keeping up with their needs. Differentiation comes in third: “It’s essential to give customers good reasons to come to us rather than a rival. We develop a unique selling point that taps into what they want. It should be clear and obvious – no-one should have to ask what makes us different.”

Malou and the MPQ team actively practice the art of effective marketing, striking good relationships with their clientele at every opportunity. “Our principle is if we keep our customers happy, they will eventually give us more customers through word of mouth.” And with the rapid development of social media and the internet, she believes opportunities can be seized within arm’s length.




Since: 2018

Founder: Ellanie Villena

Filipino Businesses in the Middle East and Beyond: Travel

Angel Wings International is a prime travel, events, and lifestyle management agency that places customer satisfaction at its core by catering to its international clientele through unparalleled service. By keeping a close eye on various tourism trends within the market, the company continually innovates through its offers on business and leisure travel to provide clients with a wide range of solutions. Founder Ellanie Villena shares, “Planning, developing and adapting destination resources to the evolving needs of the market is the key to success.”




Since: 2013

Founder: Richie Ernie Bato

Filipino Businesses in the Middle East and Beyond: Travel

The first Filipino-owned chartering company in the UAE, King Fisher Tours Leisure Yachts & Boats Rental LLC is dedicated to serving fishing enthusiasts and anglers alike – offering a wide roster of services including shared and private fishing trips, cruising tours, marine services, and boat utility services. With customer satisfaction as a top priority, founder Richie Ernie Bato shares “We are a full-time professional charter service with you – our clients – in mind, believing in our clients’ needs and providing the best prices and best services.”




Since: 2015

 Founder: Jocelyn Del Monte Reyes

With more than a decade of experience within the hospitality industry, Jocelyn Reyes established Time Travel Tourism in 2015. Carpe Diem is their tagline, and with it, they provide prompt service to a multitude of clients with tailor-made packages to suit a variety of needs and requirements. With representatives all over the Philippine islands, Time Travel Tourism also seeks to market the Philippines as a travel destination by closely working with agencies across the region.



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