Filipino – Founded Startups: Kahon, Mr Geek Mobile Solutions & Snippet Media



Established Since: 2017

Founder: Nick Padilla and Carlos Domingo


As the first tech-enabled full-service storage solution in the Philippines, is elevating the concept of storage by integrating technology in the practice of decluttering. This startup, co-founded by Nick Padilla and Carlos Domingo, eliminates the logistical burden of having to bring items to a storage facility, providing customers with unlimited storage space on-demand: “Packing, pick-up, storage, and return — we’re there every step of the way to help you make space for things that really matter.” Through the combination of digital and physical realms, they have created an efficient, hassle-free self-storage experience. Currently, offers storage by the box (kahon) and storage by the square-meter (kwarto) on a subscription basis.

Since the company’s inception, has had over 2000 square meters stored and has managed over 6000 of its customer’s items. Starting with the Greater Manila area with hopes of expanding throughout South-East Asia, the future bodes well for founders Nick and Carlos: “We’ve had a 6-fold increase in revenue for the first quarter of 2019 compared to that of the same period last year and with an overall annual growth of 122%. We still believe word-of-mouth is the most effective way for other people to get to know us and we’re glad that our customers see us as a service worth recommending.”

Nick attributes his know-how on real estate and flair for creativity to his experience at Zalora, Rockwell, and the Powerplant mall – having worked in the digital innovation arm of these companies – and to attending trade shows growing up. For Carlos, after his stint at Ace Saatchi and Saatchi and Publicis Jimenezbasic, he left the advertising industry to manage the family business, which is one of the first third-party local logistics companies, VGL Industries Inc. Before starting, he took on the significant role of Director at the family business, then later he worked as the CEO/General Manager at Excelcare Logistics Inc. Together, they aim to change the traditional storage industry by leading the shift away from the closet or bodega, and by making the preferred storage solution across the Philippines.




Established Since: May 2016 

Founder: Rowi Bautista 

Since being founded in 2016, Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions has been catering to Micro, Small, and Medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs) delivering specialized tech services ranging from customized mobile apps to software development. Alongside this, they also offer free mobile apps through another platform – MyStart-Apps (MSA).  With hopes that their services provide their clients with an equal shot at success, founder Rowi Bautista remarks: “We intend to level the playing field for micro, small and medium Enterprises by providing technological innovations to achieve market dominance that leads to high profitability.”

Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions has closed several significant projects with top companies like BDO and Toyota over its three years of operation. As well as this, the startup represented the Philippines at the 2017 Asian Entrepreneurship Award competition in Japan and won a pitching competition at a business convention held at the University of the Philippines in 2018.

As the founder and CEO of this company, Rowi is a serial entrepreneur among other things. He is the founder of Mr. Click (a digital marketing agency in the Philippines serving the needs of MSMEs), Mr. Pluffy (a leading cotton candy company with over 70 outlets nationwide), and is also a co-founder at myBOSS (a Fintech company that offers back-office support services). Rowi has even built and sold his first tech startup in 2015, which specialized in microchips. Besides currently pursuing his Master’s in Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, he plans to cultivate Mr. Geek Mobile solutions as a company further: “Our Vision is to be the number one mobile solutions provider for micro, small and medium enterprises in the Philippines in the next five years.”




Established Since: 2016

CEO: Christopher Star


Imagine consuming quality online content while being rewarded for it at the same time. As a leading news and entertainment app based in the Philippines, SnippetMedia provides brands with a unique opportunity to share content with an audience of over 1.5 million. When individuals read, watch, or share the content, they accrue points which can then be exchanged for real items.

SnippetMedia’s CEO Christopher Star who builds and launches startups in Southeast Asia is armed with an extensive background in marketing for web/mobile startups, and a proven track record in user acquisition, business development, community management, content creation, and audience retention.  He has worked for various industries in the sector for over fourteen years including prominent brands such as Lazada, GuavaPass, DateTix, HappyFresh, Paktor, and Duriana.

“We bring together a group of skilled, driven, enthusiastic, and professional individuals who come together every morning to bring you the stories that matter,” Christopher shares. Having had over 2.5 million active users in the Philippines over the last eight months, he aims to bring about innovation when it comes to content as well as the media industry through integrating both in a seamless platform: “I want every bit of content to be rewarding for every user. We aim to reinvent content consumption and revolutionize online advertising.”


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