Filipinos in the UAE : It’s What I Do

Filipinos in the UAE : It’s What I Do

Mark Anthony Palabrica

Model Booker – MMG Eventz

Mark Anthony Palabrica in UAE

My Job:

I work for the fastest growing modeling agency in the UAE – MMG Models and Events as a model booker, talent manager, stylist, and producer. We work with some of the words leading luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Tom Ford, Cartier, John Paul Gaultier and a lot more. I arrange models for big fashion shows for both local and international brands like Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols, Fashion Forward, Timberland, Ted Baker. I supply models for magazine editorials in the likes of Elle, Marie Clare, Harper’s Bazaar, Gracia, Rake, Revolution and many more.

Mark Anthony Palabrica Job in UAE

My work allows me to socialize with ambassadors, royalty, celebrities and I get to work with big names in the Philippines fashion industry like Michael Cinco, Furne Amato, Ezra Santos and more. As a Filipino, I am so proud each time am invited to attend to a big fashion events in UAE because behind those are mostly Filipinos.

My Work Day:

Working as a model booker is full of fun and excitement. It’s a stressful but very promising job to be honest. But despite all the stress I make sure I start my day at the gym, then after I go straight to the office to start replying to my client requests or call models and talents if they need to go for any castings, and visit my shoot. I make sure all is well.

Mark Anthony Palabrica in Dubai

I really enjoy working as a booker and working at MMG because I have the best team ever. We make sure all of us support each other. You can feel the concern of your team and they are willing to help if you need it. We are all stressed but we manage to laugh and have fun in our daily work.

Life lessons:

In my experience, motivation plays a big role in achieving success. When I came to Dubai I first landed a job as a waiter (an honest and amazing job). It was hard at first. I struggled and I couldn’t make ends meet. But eventually, because of my persistence, perseverance, and determination I found the job that I’ve been waiting for all my life. My passion for fashion has got me where I am today. I have a job where I get to learn new things every day and meet people from all walks of life.

If you are driven and willing to put yourself out there, the rest will follow. You’ll be exposed to opportunities. Develop knowledge and skills. Gain confidence and wisdom and ultimately, you will achieve your goal for yourself and your family. Remember, that sometimes failure is just the first step towards success. Put God at the center of your life and whatever struggles you have, you will feel that he is always at your side guiding you and molding you to become a better person.

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Filipinos in the UAE : It’s What I Do

Don Andre Honrada Rodriguez

Dancer Organizer/Choreographer/Dancer

Don Andre Honrada Rodriguez in UAE

My Job:

Don Andre Honrada Rodriguez in Dubai

I’ve been currently working as a talent organizer/choreographer and manager of top ten dancers since August 2006. For almost 9 years, I have been choreographing and handling talented individuals from different countries to perform in various events.

My Typical Day:

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! I can’t make a day without it but of course a lot of music and dancing.

Life lessons:

In 2008, while I was performing, I had a knee injury, and that devastating incident changed my life. For 6 months, I wasn’t able to walk and the saddest part of it what that I couldn’t perform. I lost my confidence, and my drive to share my talents with other people. At that point, I chose not to undergo surgery because I believed my injury can be healed naturally even if the doctors insisted. Through this experience I was became closer to God and found healing. After few months I was able to walk slowly and eventually had full recovery.

In life, I have also learned that dreams do have a cost. But nothing is impossible if you work hard for it.


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