Thoughtleader – Francis Medina 

Entrepreneur & Community Champion

Photo by: Cassie & Ku Events & Media Production

For over 10 years, Francis Errol Medina has been part of the top management of one of the biggest international construction companies in the region. In 2019, he took the leap and became a full-time entrepreneur working with budding businesses such as FJ Prime Management Inc., MyHome Manila, Innovate Create Events and FJPMI-Mercato Central Joint Venture where he serves as CEO, Board Director, and Partner respectively.

Francis co-founded Innovate Create Events FZ LLC (ICE), which teaches Filipinos in the UAE financial literacy, investment and entrepreneurship. “My way of paying it forward is to pursue my advocacy in educating, providing continuous guidance and support towards changing lives through financial freedom and mentorship,” he says. To date, they have conducted some 100 seminars, equipping thousands of participants with valuable knowledge on how to manage their hard-earned money. The group has also held events with Francis Kong, Randell Tiongson, Rex Mendoza, Paulo Tibig, RJ Ledesma and Bro. Bo Sanchez.  Their efforts have created 125 entrepreneurs and generated 230 jobs across 8 existing franchise restaurants.

“I want to help people conquer their fears and jump on the chance to realize their true potential. My best reward still stands in witnessing how I have influenced others to change their lives towards entrepreneurship and financial freedom,” Francis shares.


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