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Gabriel Rimando


Photo by: Bethoven Filomeno

Gabriel Rimando believes that Filipinos have the potential to be active contributors to a nation’s economy and industries. Founding Filipino Institute in 2015, he is on a mission to deliver quality training through uniquely designed programs that can equip kababayans all over the Gulf region with the skills to enable them to advance to the top of their sectors.

Over the past five years of the educational platform’s operation, Filipino Institute has opened an impressive 15 branches across the UAE – as well as in Qatar and Bahrain.  Filipino Institute now offers 70 individual short courses, including IT-skills training, guitar, Arabic language classes, human resources and office administration, and much more.  To date, they have produced over 80,000 successful graduates. Recently, Filipino Institute has expanded its facilities to serve as review centers for aspiring nurses, teachers, and public accountants. By creating a hub that encourages collective learning and skill sharing, Gabriel has played an instrumental role in changing the lives and adding to the collective talents of the Filipino community.

More than just facilitating the acquiring of skills, Filipino Institute prides itself on producing resilient professionals geared to thrive. Gabriel expresses: “We want to start a ripple effect that changes one student at a time. We don’t simply just teach skills; we, more importantly, teach our students how to be resourceful individuals that can grapple with challenges, whether in their professions or life, and emerge successfully.”


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