Harvey Cenit – Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf

Tastemaker – Harvey Cenit

Fashion Designer

Harvey Cenit - Illustrado 300 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf
Photo by: Jef Anog

Spearheading Al Aroosa Aniqah’s creative direction, as Head Couture Designer, Harvey Cenit continues to cement his shining reputation among the well-heeled women of the emirates and the Gulf.  Beyond the region, Harvey has also created extraordinary pieces for international celebrities, including former Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

Harvey considers being included in Illustrado’s 13th-year anniversary issue as one of the highlights of his career this year, apart from being included in the Philippine Independence Day’s showcase. He is also proud to have shared the stage with some of the most esteemed Filipino designed in bridal showcases in the Philippines.

Harvey says that while he is already living his dream, another goal has stemmed from it – that of being able to support Cebuano designers towards success in the international arena.  The designer believes that Cebu Fashion Industry has a lot to offer on a global scale, and its designers deserve to be given a chance to shine internationally. Taking his first step towards this hope, he has moved forward to mentor the new breed of talents from his hometown.

Harvey concludes, “It’s good to have someone on your side that is looking out for your best interests. As your career develops in fashion, a mentor can help you make connections that will lead you even further.”


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Harvey Cenit

Harvey Cenit - Most influential Filipinos in the Gulf 2018

When Harvey Cenit showcased his collection in Cebu as the opening act for the prestigious “World Class / Weddings at the Waterfront” show alongside icons Michael Cinco, Ezra Santos, and Furne One – who Harvey says influenced him subliminally throughout his career, it was a tremendous validation that the designer has indeed, entered the big leagues.

Continually delivering exquisite pieces, Harvey’s rise within the highly cut-throat local world of fashion in a mere span of five years since he set foot in the Emirates, is quite impressive.  His penchant for making successfully deliberate choices has definitely set him on a path towards future leadership.  With his elegantly feminine design aesthetic, a good balance between extravagance and restrained class, that’s difficult not to love, Harvey has become the designer of choice for affluent women in the country.  Just recently, Harvey was featured in a Gulf New interview.  He also had the pleasure of dressing up some Filipina muses, including reigning Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, respected indie actress Mercedes Cabral, model Barbie Imperial, and singer Morisette Amon.

Looking forward to an even greater future ahead, Harvey affirms that the importance of being able to experience as many aspects of one’s craft as possible is truly valuable: “Because of my experiences, my ability to learn has also increased. The more I have used them, the less frustrated I have become, and the more rewarding life has become for me. Don’t waste your time learning something you aren’t willing to use in the future. If you’re spending your time and effort on something make sure that, if you get a chance to, you use it.  It’s a beautiful world out there. One must have to believe.”




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Harvey Cenit

Fashion Designer


Just over four years in the emirates, at a young age of 29 years old, and yet emerging designer Harvey Cenit is poised to carve a memorable name for himself within the country’s competitive fashion scene.

More than just playing his cards right, Harvey’s got a winning formula for aesthetics that does not come naturally in a region where over-the-top lavishness, often meaning gaudiness, is more the norm than the exception.  His style is that of balance – a delicate tightrope act between classic and contemporary, with one part extravagance, one part elegance, and all parts femininity.

Armed with education in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines, Harvey has dressed beauty queens, brides and affluent clients including royals, as well as celebrities such as fellow Illustrado 100-lister actor Mercedes Cabral who’s dangerously low plunging neckline Harvey Cenit number caused a paparazzi commotion at the Venice Film Festival a few years ago.

As the Head Designer of fashion house Al Arousa Al Aniqah leading a team of designers and artisans,  Harvey notes how this year has been such a providential time in his career.  “2016 has been the greatest year so far. And it may sound so cliché but it’s all because of the love I have for my craft and everything I do. Every day, I wake up excited to pick that pen up, and let my imagination wander. I treat every dress and gown I make as a work of art. So I make sure I always work hard and do my very best.” 

Photo by Alex Callueng; Photography Assistant – Bethoven Filomeno
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