Noodles, Music and Vibes, 5 ways to maximize the Wokyo experience!

The weekend is fast approaching, and with the cloudy weather and almost-spring vibes, it’s absolutely imperative to be slurping down on a hot bowl of noodles! Wokyo is just about the hottest noodle bar in Dubai – with its cool street style gimmick, warm atmosphere and (of course), Asian noodle flava.  Here are five ways to make your noodle experience one for the books:

Wokyo’s Laksa soup


Bring friends:

There’s only one rule for enjoying good food, and that is to share the experience. In order to have the best Wokyo hangout, bring friends in order to soak up and spread more good vibes! For those who love tabletop activities, Wokyo has a selection of cards, board games and origami activities for fun!


Pinoy rappers MC Twisted and JUAN hanging out at Wokyo

Sample it all:

Sweet, sour, and spicy, the Wokyo team brings its travels and adventures across Asia to your bowl. With flavors from Japan, China, Singapore and more, different noodle types, and range of healthy topings to choose from, the combinations are almost endless! Variety is the spice of life, so try them all (and you’ll find a new favorite again and again and again)! For first timers, their Tokyo oyster sauce with Udon noodles and beef or Sapporo style miso Ramen are the perfect introductions to the noodle world. Don’t eat meat? Have no fear, because there’s always something for everyone.

PS: don’t forget to try out their authentic selection of drinks and sides. From Japanese sodas and Matcha lattes, to Renkon (lotus root) chips and homemade spring rolls, they make the perfect additions and contrasts to your meal.


From left to right: Iced hibiscus tea, iced matcha, Thai iced tea latte

Immerse yourself in the buzz:

Wokyo brings Asian style street culture to Dubai through its Night Market and Yokocho inspired aesthetics – definitely Instagram worthy! You could spend hours just looking around and enjoying the venue as well. Their colorful mood and aura is also reflected within their, curated music, wide selection of food and their ever so energetic staff. At Wokyo, you’re guaranteed nothing else but noodles, music and vibes.

Stay for the Music:

Music always sets the mood, and at Wokyo, it’s Sugoi vibes all day, every day. From carefully selected and quirky Japanese Pop playlists in the weekdays to live acoustic music and energetic Japanese Taiko drumming on the weekends, their musical selection is guaranteed to take away all of that weekday stress and let the good times run through.

Singer/songwriter Francoise Crosbie performing at Wokyo

Come anytime:

Wokyo has made a name for itself through its hospitality and warmth. Be it on a sleepy Monday evening or a vibrant Friday afternoon, Wokyo extends its friendly greetings to anyone and everyone. No reservations, no fancy dress code, just good old chilling, noodles and fun!

Rice stick noodles with Seoul spicy sauce and prawns

Find Wokyo here:

Cluster J – lake level, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Contact: 800 96596


IG: @wokyo




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