Scrapbook – Jeff Vergara & Marc Guittap

JEFF VERGARA Jeff had no idea he would eventually end up as a serious photographer when he first handled his dad’s Polaroid and Nikon film as a child. This Computer Engineering graduate discovered digital photography in 1999, when he was tasked to take product shots using Sony Mavica, the first commercial electronic camera that stores images on a diskette. He learned the rudimentary basics of photography through self-study and long internet surfing sessions. Although Jeff’s work is more on graphic and web development than photography, he became serious with his passion for taking photos in late 2004. Over the years he has experimented with different techniques; usually mixing graphic design skills and inspiration from the masters of the craft. He has done numerous projects for company events, individual assignments, weddings and exhibits, and won a number of photo competitions. Lately, Jeff has focused more on portraiture, street and landscape photography which are his favorites. In 2007, he co-founded the Mideast Snipers (, an online photography organization with a vast number of members with whom he shares his photography knowledge.  Jeff is also an avid blogger. He writes his online journal, “The Dubai Chronicles” ( which features his photographic adventures and stories of daily life in Dubai. MARC GUITTAP Marc says his photography is – “first and foremost, an exploration.” An architect by profession, he dabbled with the camera to study light, views, angles and, most importantly to capture beauty. His love affair with the lens started with the need to put together a decent reconnaissance report as part of design requirements.  From there, he found himself slowly veering towards more creative pursuits. Marc’s collection of photographs runs the gamut of gritty documentary shots to polished architectural snaps to portraiture. All of them, however, are borne out of the necessity to understand beauty and express it without a single utterance. He says, “I believe that the latter are better left to the beholder- beauty is, after all, universally understood though its expressions and interpretations are utterly varied.” Currently, Marc professes that his over active shutter finger is an apprentice to his vivid imagination. He enjoys sharing his work and receiving constructive criticism from his peers in the field.