Illustrado Scrapbook: Adelle Lumalang & Jaime Tasarra

ADELLE LUMALANG Adelle is a happy, positive self-confessed “photoholic.”  Currently the President of Shootercada Photographer’s Circle, a group of Filipino photography enthusiasts based in Abu Dhabi, Adelle says her intense love affair with photography started in 2008 when she decided to explore this visual world that had always tickled her imagination. She says that from the first time she laid her hands on her first DSLR, her singleton life has revolved around photographing people – something that gives her immense pleasure.  Adelle is into portraits and weddings and is continuously working to improve her craft to eventually become a pro in the field. On weekends, when not doing fun shoots with her buddies, Adelle can be found on the streets of Abu Dhabi shooting charitable events as a volunteer.   JAIME TASARRA Jaime Tasarra is a Dubai based Architect and photography enthusiast, as well as a 3D visualization expert. A graduate of the Far Eastern University in Manila, James currently works as a Design Architect. He started photography four years ago and won 3rd place in the “Burj Khalifa Photo Competition.” Apart from his penchant with architecture, James  also loves  portraiture; one of his photographic styles is to capture  natural beauty with the minimum of post processing.