Filipino Photographers – Alex Callueng & Darryl Wayne Espiritu

A platform for Filipino photographers from around the world. ALEX CALLUENG Fleet Manager and ramp model Alex Callueng says that his preference for people and fashion as photography subjects comes naturally to him – “I like beauty.  I like how the dress flows freely, the movement, the aura. I like it so much that I can smell it from afar.” More adept at sports than arts he took up photography out of curiosity in 2006.  Alex considers himself mostly self-taught.  His interest in photography grew and his skills enriched through research, shared learnings from other more seasoned photographers, as well as constantly practicing through shoots.  He also attends workshops. Alex says he’s mostly drawn to the images of world renowned photographers Patrick DeMarchelier and Paolo Roversi. “I always like timeless photos taken in black and white. I can feel the emotions in them.”   DARRYL WAYNE ESPIRITU Darryl Wayne Espiritu is very serious about his passion for photography. So much so that he is presently taking an online course, Complete Professional Course in Photography, at the New York Institute of Photography. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, Darryl shares that he was instantly smitten since he purchased his first DLSR camera in 2009 for the sheer purpose of documenting his stay in the emirates.  Little by little, Darryl recounts that he fell in love with the art and hasn’t stopped clicking the shutter of his camera ever since. Darryl says he enjoys all forms of photography, whether it be portraiture, landscape photography, photo journalism, fashion and even macro photography.