Illustrado Scrapbook: Alexander Yee, Gabby Yap & Wilfredo “Jon” Guzman Jr.

Alexander Yee Alexander Yee found his niche beyond his university double-degree and professional expertise. His chosen medium for his works, appeals to even the most scrutinizing eye. His camera has flashed on numerous personalities and events in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but even most importantly, he has contributed significantly to the recognition of Filipino artists in the country. Alexander, who photographs events, portfolios, fashion, glamour, and landscape, is a pioneering member of Fashionaires Middle East – a UK based group that provides stimulating events focused around fashion and lifestyle.  He has also had several successful photo exhibits, the most recent of which is a solo event – Art Uncorked at Vintage, Gulf Hotel. Gabby Yap Gabby Yap refers to photography as his high school sweetheart.  It was in his junior year in high school in his Elective class – he claims, that he wasn’t even sure what ‘elective’ meant that he discovered photography. “Back then I was already dreaming of becoming a serious photographer; constantly exploring new subjects and scenery constantly learning new techniques. I even stalked my photography professor for awhile,” he confessed. In 2003, family problems threatened his college dream, but at the same destiny took its rightful place. Gabby got a chance to work alongside other artists and photographers in Lito Sy Photography and turned from amateur to pro. He worked with Lito Sy Photography for six years and then in 2009, left for the UAE where he is currently working as a supervisor and photographer for a new photography studio in Abu Dhabi. Gabby claims that he doesn’t talk much about his high school sweetheart, this art of capturing images and telling stories with a camera. “We could talk about my passion for photography, but I’d rather have my pictures show it,” he says.

Wilfredo “Jon” Guzman Jr. Art has always been a major part of Wilfredo “Jon” Guzman Jr’s life. He studied it in school, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts from the Far Eastern University. Now based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Jon is still mixing colors and creating images as a graphic designer for a dairy and juice company – a job that he has had for the last seven years. His insatiable enchantment with art has led him to explore its different forms like photography.  He joined the International Shutters Organization (ISO) and continues to improve his craft, this time holding a camera. Describing himself as a simple man, Jon says he’s thankful for Facebook. “It allows me to share my talents with friends and loved ones, even if they are half way across the globe.”