Filipino Photographers: Bernadette Rodriguez and Ramon Francisco

A platform for Filipino photographers from around the world. BERNADETTE RODRIGUEZ Bernadette takes great pleasure in capturing the kind of images that remind us that life is beautiful. She appreciates good composition, authenticity, and finding the mundane. Her expertise in producing amazing images may have rubbed on to her tongue, that she sounds poetic describing her idea of a good shot: “An effective photograph is an image that moves the viewer, touching his soul. Even without a word to describe it, a great photograph is clear in its message ­ poetry without the words, music without lyrics. A great photograph is lyrical in its form. Bernadette connects the experience. Her great loves are ancient structure, historical places, people (small ones especially), words, photographs, food and art. She is an experienced graphic designer, a dreamer and a lover of friends. She enjoys joyful collaboration with artists, visionaries, and people who hope. RAMON FRANCISCO Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Criminology Ramon Francisco, a.k.a Ramon F to his friends, just recently took the plunge to go full time into freelance photography.  The former Abu Dhabi Airport Storekeeper, who says his appreciation of arts has deepened through his craft, does mostly corporate and events-related projects for his clients.  A proud Bicolano from Naga, and member of the Uragon Photography club, Ramon F says that he is drawn to portraiture and fashion photography and is inspired by the works of Bryan Adams.