Filipino Photographers – Chaps Peria and Eric Fabro

A platform for Filipino photographers from around the world.
  CHAPS PERIA For Chaps, photography is more than just a hobby; it is about appreciation. He believes it teaches a person to see the world from different perspective, both literally and figuratively. Chaps’ love affair with photography paired with his love of travel and exploration has spawned a portfolio of landscape photography. “I’ve been a DSLR user since 2010. I consider myself a novice, self-taught photographer,” says Chaps, who is a graphic designer by profession. “Working in the hospitality industry gives me exposure to food and interior photography and my love of travel and leisure helps me develop my skill in landscape and interior photography,” says the athletic Chaps who counts mountain climbing, running and cycling among his interests. “Learning the tides, moon phase, where the sun rises and sets are just some of the things photography allows me to enjoy,” says Chaps who adds, “personality wise, people who know me would agree if I’ll say I am a mystery with winning charm.”   ERIC FABRO Eric Fabro came to love photography in 2009 when he found a group of Filipino photographers in Kuwait where he works. “I didn’t expect to take photography seriously specially in the field of wedding and portrait photography. I was invited by one of the members to be his ‘second shooter’ during a wedding photo coverage. Right after then I realized and felt something different.” Eric says that right then and there Ipower Photography was established as his carrier name. Eric explains, “’The ‘i’ is for “Icoy” which is my nickname, while “power” is a usual word that I used to describe appreciation for a photo. Simply joined, it makes for as ‘Ipower’ or ‘Icoy power’.” “The world is full of exciting events. I believe that photographers are observers who record frames of life. All photos are documentaries, documenting and celebrating life, and culture. But good photos tell a story with passion and in style,” says Eric, explaining his photography philosophy. “[Through photography] I read the personality of the person and capture their emotions: everyone has an interesting story waiting to be heard and my mission is to capture it through my photos.”