Illustrado Scrapbook: Dennis Dionisio & Sheryl Juan


Illustrado Scrapbook

Dennis Dionisio

Dennis Dionisio is a Financial Analyst who works for the pharmaceutical company, Merck Serono. During his younger years, he loved visual arts but ironically took an Accountancy degree in college. In 2010, he revived his interest in arts by enrolling in a Basic Photography course. Having re-discovered his love for capturing visuals and images, Dennis later became one of the founders of Camera Club of Dubai (CCD). His definition of a good photographer is someone who shares not only photography, but also good values.

Sheryl Juan

A graduate of the Philippine School of Business Administration – Manila, Sheryl is a Certified Public Accountant and is one of the Founding Members of Camera Club of Dubai (CCD). Fascinated by the beauty of photography, Sheryl has been passionate in capturing stories through images and sees it as an art form, rather than merely photos.“I’ve had a fascination for the arts since my childhood; unfortunately my desire to be an artist never materialized because I didn’t know how to draw. I had a lot of concepts playing in my mind, but I wasn’t able to express it until I found photography. Every snap and click of the shutter is like a creative outlet for me. I want to take photographs to preserve precious memories and to share them with generations to come,” Says Sheryl.   Save