Filipino Photographers – Donell Gumiran & Danilo Quiambao

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Donell Cablas Gumiran                                                    

Donell is an artist based in Dubai. From a very young age, his love for visual arts has led him into the world of photography and graphic design.  His strongest photographic skill is in capturing the emotions of people in everyday life situations.  His passion for preserving memories of the human life has led him to win various international photography competitions.  His work has also been published in both local and international publications.

“I love taking pictures of people, places, and cultures – mostly capturing images of love, pain, poverty, and wealth with human drama.  I always want a normal object to turn into a masterpiece through my eyes,” says the avid photographer.





Danilo Quiambao

Laguna-native Danilo Quiambao started as a casual photography hobbyist in 2010, borrowing a camera from his cousin.  Move to 2012 and apart from accumulating his own gear, Danilo has won the Best Photographer Award at OPPPS’ Back to Basic Course, and also had a couple of his photos published in Illustrado Magazine.  The emerging freelance photographer says, after he got the hang of doing photography, he was so motivated to learn he enrolled in several courses with OPPPS.  Now, still on his upward learning curve, Danilo continues to explore the beauty of the art by learning whatever he can independently and by experimenting with the help of his family and friends. He has also taken his hobby into the next level with his freelance group “Rule of 7th” which offers photography and video services.

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