Illustrado Scrapbook: Jeffrie Innocencio, Aubrey Tiosen & Andy Ramos

JEFFRIE INOCENCIO Senior Graphic Designer/Associate Photographer Being a Senior Graphic Designer helps Jeffrie connect the visual outcome of his shots to the moment in real life that it represents. Jeffrie took a basic film photography course in Manila under the Federation of Philippine Photographer’s Foundation in 2004. But interest in photography intensified only when a member of one of the photography associations in Dubai encouraged him to pursue photography as a serious hobby. Working in Dubai for the last 5 years as a senior graphic designer and associate photographer for a media and advertising company, Jeffrie’s interest in photography has expanded to the following categories: portraiture, fashion, product, landscape, interior and architecture. Jeffrie says casually. “I don’t consider myself as being formally educated in photography post processing; I just relate my everyday work to everyday life.” AUBREY TIOSEN Photographer Aubrey took to photography like bees to honey. Last year, she purchased a second hand DSLR camera and took to the streets snapping photos of anything that sparked her eye and fired her imagination. “I fell in love with the camera and how it could capture moments of our life on film,” confessed the photography enthusiast, who is also quite surprised at how quickly she took to the speed of the shutter. “I only took a one week basic photography workshop in the Philippines and was very surprised, but immensely pleased, to have been awarded 1st Place in Portrait, 3rd Place in Still Life and 4th Place in Composition.  Then I took a Wedding Photography Workshop and won 2nd Prize in the Details category.” Aubrey would have probably continued racking up the awards and accolodaes had it not been for the opportunity to work in Dubai, which came to her by — of all places — Facebook. “A media company just found me through my Facebook page,” explains Aubrey who now works as a photographer in a media company. “It’s certainly a dream come true for me. Who would have thought that the click of my camera would bring me to Dubai?” ANDY RAMOS Photographer, Graphic Designer An often asked question is if photographers are made or born?  In some cases, like that of Andy Ramos, a photographer was self-made. Without any formal training in photography, he acquired the necessary skills through his own effort, persistence and hard work. “I am insatiably curious,” says Andy, attributing the persistence and effort he put into teaching himself to become a photographer. “I want to be both a practitioner and a professional,” he explains. Having taken up photography only in 2009, Andy, who works as a graphic artist still pretty much considers himself a student of photography.  He experiments and photographs objects, landscapes, still life and people. In every picture, his hopes to capture one’s imagination through the basic principles of photography: interesting concepts, vivid colors and fascinating elements. “Later, I hope to move on to a level where my photographs will not just be a thing of creative beauty,  but a medium that will move people and inspire them.