Filipino Photographers: Rita Marie Abiog & Marlon Bautista

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My first professional stint in photography was as a sports photographer in York University, where I was studying Marketing.  During that time, I was also building my portfolio by asking friends, and even strangers, to model for me. After that, I went to Elite Models and presented my portfolio to my first mentor, Matti Gidilevich, who helped me professionalize it.

Then, I went home to Manila and presented my portfolio to designer Randy Ortiz, who liked my work. Since our meeting, I have worked with him multiple times. He also introduced me to stylist/columnist Luis Espiritu, who also became one of my mentors.

In the end, I learned that in this business you have to have people who believe in your ability to produce breathtaking images. However, I also recognize that I am a mere instrument to show people the beauty that God crafted in this world.

– Rita Marie Abiog


An accountant-auditor by profession, I was christened Marlon Manalang Bautista. But on the side, as a site administrator, frustrated writer and now, a wannabe photographer, I go by the name “Firefly”.


Since I was young, I already love taking pictures of anything under the sun. I also prefer taking the picture than being in the picture.
For the past three years, I have been honing my skills with focus on portraits and beauty, because beautiful people fascinate me. The craft of photography has infused me with much passion and determination and I know I have still so much to learn. But my passion will never cease like a firefly in the dark.

–       Marlon Bautista