Illustrado Scrapbook: Roy Francis Manalang, Harry Cruz & Benny De Guzman

Illustrado Scrapbook

Roy Francis Manalang

A lover of the exotic places, vivid hues and diverse cultures, Roy Francis Manalang thrives in the colorful cultural melting pot which the United Arab Emirates amply represents. An On-Air Channel Controller in a Broadcasting and Multimedia Company in the emirates, his scope of work include portraiture, events and landscape photography. Being away from home, Roy says he has developed keen enthusiasm, appreciation and respect for photography which he considers more than just a pastime.  According to him, it is a language translated into pixels which has helped him broaden his perspective, not only on the way he looks at things, buy has also given him a more in-depth understanding of life. See more of Roy’s photography at

Harry Cruz

Harry has been living in Dubai for the past eight years, and is currently working with SAP.  Three years ago, he stumbled into photography via his involvement with car clubs – a hobby he ventured into to relieve his homesickness.  He received his preliminary training at Lightform, and he has since grown his skills by attending other workshops, as well as organizing a few, to feed his need for more knowledge. A freelance photographer for POSE magazine, Harry is into wedding photography as well as fashion and editorial types of commercial assignments.  He also loves to travel, shoot landscapes and street portraits for his own enjoyment. As a photographer, one of the best moments for Harry was bagging 3rd place at the Nikon “The Empowered Filipina” Photo Competition at Illustrado’s Woman of Substance 2011 event.  Of equal highlight was having the opportunity to work with world class talented designers like Michael Cinco, Ruben Santos, Mel Maria, Rocky Gathercole and J-Lo Aldwin Ornopia.

Benny De Guzman

Benny is currently working as Creative Designer in an exhibition company in Dubai. Despite the demands of his day job and the many deadlines he has to meet, Benny manages to make time for photography.  Benny’s expertise lies in capturing portraits and landscapes. Recently, he has dabbled into food and fashion photography as well. Benny is a member of photography aficionados group Lightcatchers, which was founded in 2008.  Last November, the group organized the Desert Radiance Workshop and it was here that Benny met internationally acclaimed photographer, Manny Librodo, who has inspired his work tremendously. When not looking through the lens of his camera, Benny loves to work while listening to good music.