Filipino Photographers: Royce Aldrich Centeno & Rogin Quino

A platform for Filipino photographers from around the world. ROYCE ALDRICH CENTENO Royce Aldrich Centeno is a band vocalist who just started dabbling in photography because of America’s Next Top Model.  “I’ve always loved watching the show and wanted to try their photo shoots. I have no formal training in photography and post processing photos, but YouTube helped me a lot,” said Centeno. That was in 2011. Now, from watching tutorials and basic photography tips on YouTube, he moved on to experiment, taking photos of his band mates just to practice.  He also joined workshops, the most notable of all was Manny Librodo’s which  inspired him further to get into fashion photography and portraiture. “For me photography is not just about taking pictures, it’s about capturing the moment and how you look at things in a different perspective. I want to make a simple thing become a sparkling one,” said Centeno about being picture perfect.


  ROGIN M. QUIÑO Rogin Quiño has been into photography since college days and for the past year, has put more focus in his hobby. After reading books on digital photography and learning through on-line tutorials, Quiño practices his art by bringing along his trusted digital camera to various spots in the United Arab Emirates, capturing interesting scenes around the emirates. Quiño recently won at the Gulf News online photo-contest twice —during the month of January and April 2012. Very much inspired by these triumphs, he plans to continue his photography adventure by further enhancing his skills through training and upgrading his gadgets.