Scrapbook – Arian Marcos, Melissa Guevarra & Randy Ramos Recio

A platform for budding creative talent – this time featuring Dubai-based photographers Arian Marcos, Randy Ramos Recio and Melissa Guevarra.

Arian Marcos who has always been an artist since he was a kid, got into photography in 2008 taking classes and immersing himself in the works of his icons.  His persistence to excel in his newfound passion won him awards which include the First Place in the 2nd Annual Scott Kelby Photowalk – Dubai. He has also conducted workshops on Off-Camera Flash Photography and Photo Retouching for a local photo club in Dubai. As a photographer, Arian’s style is contemporary, and he is keen on experimenting with textures and contrasts. He combines this with his expertise in post-processing to further enhance the play of light and intensify the visual appeal and emotional impact of his images.  His works include still and moving images which cover portraiture, fashion and beauty, landscape, interiors, architecture and events. Arian lives in Dubai with his wife Karen, where he works for a railway systems construction company.  He is an avid fan of basketball, good coffee and leche flan.

Randy Recio is a pureblooded Batangueño based in Dubai, who works as a company trainer for DHL Express-UAE.  He is a street photographer at heart and much of his best works stem from unexpected moments captured by his trusty camera while enjoying an early morning or late afternoon walk.   Randy’s subjects are mostly landscapes and portraits, composed with a photojournalistic flavor. He is an active member of UAE-based photography association Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers’ Society (OPPPS) and was once featured here in Illustrado Scrapbook with his image of Filipina bossa singer Sitti Navarro.

Melissa Guevarra’s revolves around three main things – family, painting and photography.  Mentored during her early years by Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) officers Danilo Santiago, an Art Professor at the University of Santo Tomas and Vic Dabao, Melissa has always been interested in the creative field since her childhood.  Being married to artist Darwin “Japat” Guevarra has further inspired Melissa to delve deeper into her art and eventually fall in love with photography.   This full time homemaker and full time artist, works from home creating paintings and miniatures with her husband.