Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Eros Goze – Thoughtleader

  Eros Goze Photographer   If Barney Almazar is “The People’s Lawyer,” Eros is “The People’s Photographer.” A consistent figure in the UAE’s most important Filipino events, Eros has thoroughly endeared himself in the heart of the Filipino community through his world-class talent, positive attitude, and generosity. His track record as a portraitist is unmatched by any other Filipino photographer in the region, having photographed the Gulf’s most celebrated personalities, from models to dignitaries, community leaders to entrepreneurs. In 2016, Eros also took on the role of educator, in partnership with one the world’s leading imaging companies. He says, “I believe in leadership by collaboration. Creativity and beauty thrive where there is freedom. My job is to guide people into finding their own greatness – whether it’s in front of my camera, or the classroom.” Where people are given guidance and at the same time given freedom to share and impart their creativity. Special thanks to – Giordano, Nikon, Liali Jewellery, Lulu, Mitsubishi and Western Union.