Illustrado Faces 2019 – Ivy Grace Galiwan


Ivy Grace Galiwan

Dubai – UAE

About the model: 

I work in finance and I manage important portfolios of my company. I believe in hard work and in determination. I don’t look for my dreams to come true, I look to be true to my dreams.

I love my life and the ones in it (family and friends). I love spontaneity. I love unplanned adventures while stopping by along the way to smell the flowers from time to time. I love Philippine nature, travel its every city, discover its rich heritage, and take lovely pictures while watching its beauty settle down throughout the unravelling of its sunset.

I enjoy practicing my belief as a Christian. I love God, the Creator of all things. At the same time, I appreciate self-expression as my own means of freedom. I am not afraid of being different, I am afraid of being the same as everyone else. I seek life fulfillment rather than immediate fulfillment which I have found in God alone and I am very grateful and very privileged that I get to witness how beautiful life is by continuously walking in his grace. To God be the glory!



Arthur Ian Garcia

Dubai – UAE

About the Photographer:

Prior to moving to UAE, I was involved in independent filmmaking in Davao City, my hometown. It opened up for me avenues to work with some of the best indie filmmakers and actors in Mindanao. It is a sense of pride to have won Best Editor in the 2011 Gawad Urian for the film “Sheika”, during my filmmaking stint.


Illustrado Faces 2019 is supported by Liali Jewellery and the Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek.